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Dev Build (sha256/sha512)

An add-on for the Abandoned Flat player home mod that expandes a special storage cell to have containers with massive storage capacity. This interior cell has been totally expanded and revamped with assets from OAAB_Data and Tamriel_Data and a new boss fight. An additional feature adds Lua-powered inventory helper cubes that deposit items of certain types into designated containers.

Requires OpenMW 0.49 or newer!


  1. Download the zip from the link above
  2. Extract the contents to a location of your choosing, examples below:
    # Windows
    # Linux
    # macOS
  3. Add the appropriate data path to your openmw.cfg file, for example:
  4. Enable the mod plugins via OpenMW-Launcher (video), or add this to openmw.cfg (official OpenMW documentation):