Action Camera Swap

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Action Camera Swap

A camera mod for OpenMW that auto-swaps between first and third person cameras based on if combat or magic are readied or if you’re indoors or not.


OpenMW-Lua author



DE: Atahualpa

EN: johnnyhostile


OpenMW 0.48 or newer is required!

  1. Download the mod from this URL

  2. Extract the zip to a location of your choosing, examples below:

     # Windows
     # Linux
     # macOS
  3. Add the appropriate data path to your opemw.cfg file (e.g. data="C:\games\OpenMWMods\Camera\ActionCameraSwap")

  4. Add content=action-camera-swap.omwscripts to your load order in openmw.cfg or enable it via OpenMW-Launcher

  5. Configure the mod from the Options >> Scripts menu, and enjoy!

Note that this mod works great with OpenMW’s built-in Smooth view change camera feature!

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