MOMW Camera

Latest version: ...

Dev Build (sha256/sha512)

Autoconfigure camera and headbobbing settings to recommended values! Requires OpenMW 0.48 or newer!


  1. Download the zip from the link above (OpenMW 0.48.0 or newer is required!)
  2. Extract the contents to a location of your choosing, examples below:
    # Windows
    # Linux
    # macOS
  3. Add the appropriate data path to your openmw.cfg file (e.g. data="C:\games\OpenMWMods\Camera\momw-camera")
  4. Add content=momw-camera.omwscripts to your load order in openmw.cfg or enable it via OpenMW-Launcher
  5. Each time you run OpenMW, the following camera and head bobbing settings will be set:
    • View over the shoulder: Yes
    • Auto switch shoulder: Yes
    • Zoom out when move coef: 60
    • Preview if stand still: Yes
    • Ignore ‘No Collision’ flag: Yes
    • Smooth view change: Yes
    • Head bobbing enabled: Yes
    • Head bobbing base step length: 120
    • Head bobbing step height: 6
    • Head bobbing max roll angle: 0.5

In order to customize these settings you must disable this mod (it is safe to disable or re-enable at any time mid-save).