NCGDMW Lua Edition

Latest version: ...

Dev Build (sha256/sha512)

A leveling mod for OpenMW where your attributes and level grow automatically as your skills increase


  1. Download the zip from the link above (OpenMW 0.48.0 or newer is required!)
  2. Extract the contents to a location of your choosing, examples below:
    # Windows
    # Linux
    # macOS
  3. Add the appropriate data path to your openmw.cfg file (e.g. data="C:\games\OpenMWMods\Leveling\NCGDMW-Lua")
  4. Add content=ncgdmw.omwaddon and content=ncgdmw.omwscripts to your load order in openmw.cfg or enable them via OpenMW-Launcher
  5. Enjoy!

When you finish selecting your character class and sign and get your papers, NCGDMW will begin. Press ESC and navigate to: Options >> Scripts >> NCGDMW in order to set up the mod's options to your liking.

For more detailed information about how this mod works, please consult the various documents in the docs directory in the download zip.